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Remote work

Paradise comes with a trade-off

I've been a nomad my entire life.

I took my first solo flight aged 7 and began country-hopping at 14.

Along the way, I've picked up 5 languages, cultures and a best friend on each continent.


As you know, this journey is full of challenges. Some of mine included...

  • Living to work vs working to live..

  •  Lack of close family & relationships..

  • Lack of integration in local community..

  • Financial uncertainty..

  • Negating personal health & wellness..
  • "Lonely leader syndrome"..

  • "What next?" confusion..

"Whether you are trying to increase your income, create your

ideal lifestyle or rebalance your work and private life...."

"....I help entrepreneurs like you navigate the challenges that come with living and building a business in a foreign country..."

Stefano, what does a

coaching session look like?

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Deep Dive

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Settle & prepare.

Get in the zone.

A specific area or current challenge

Uncover the blocks to your challenge or goal

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Define specific

actions & steps

Discovery session - we uncover your biggest challenges and desires...

Agreement & schedule

Assessment & analysis - highlight the personal & professional areas to improve most.

Weekly Sessions - each month focused on a specific area of your life.

Periodic Reviews - progress updates and review sessions

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