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Coaching leaders and entrepreneurs

to Impact, Autonomy and Lifestyle Mastery.

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"Sometimes, the more you know, the less you see..."
Top performers I work with have often struggled with :
  • Overwhelm of responsibility 

  • No free / personal time

  • Restricted autonomy

  • Financial pressures

  • Misaligned leadership

  • 2X vs 10X growth

  • Work-life imbalance

  • Pressure to achieve

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Isolated / unclear direction

  • As a corporate leader, you can create independence, extra income and time, AND lead others more authentically.

  • Champion entrepreneurs build exponential businesses while doing less making room for relationships, adventure, philanthropy, health and well-being.

  • Developing your craft to mastery level can be thrilling, fulfilling and achieved with a sense of ease rather than struggle.

Raise your game.
What is the best version of you capable of?

Public Speaker

John P. M.

"You are smart, committed, go deep, take action, already have a track record of creating your own business...."

Hi, I'm Stefano. I partner with high performers to co-create
exponential results in business, life and lifestyle in 6-12 months.

I have never had a full-time contract or "stable job".

I've lived in 10 countries on 4 continents. 

I've started over more times than I can remember.

Why do high performers choose to work with me?

My journey has been from loneliness to leader, around the world, in multiple languages and fields. 


I'm considered a lighthouse for my clients; someone who stands strong and never abandons them, providing a beacon of light to help navigate rough seas to new shores.

My ability to help leaders see what they can't see and tell them what no one else will dare to say, creates a container for profound professional and personal development.

Whether you lead an organisation, run multiple businesses or operate solo, we each have our 'thing'...


...that pebble in our shoe or hole in the heart.

Mine was abandonment. What is yours?

While I don't know yours yet, I do know that everything you dream is on the other side of that 'thing' and I'm here to guide you through it.

Making your mark is not easy but can be simple, with a crystal clear vision and powerful purpose.

How truly important is turning your dream into a project for you?

Wishing you the absolute very best,


The Successful Soloprenur Book
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"I've worked with a lot of coaches and you are the best I've worked with...

You are empathic and authentic."

Maria D.P - Executive Coach

3 Ways We Create Extraordinary

I work privately with top performers, and those on their way, to create a future that is even bigger than their past.

Each program or experience is carefully crafted to create exponential results, whether in business or personal life.

The Successful Soloprenur Book

The Successful Solopreneur:
Impact, Autonomy & Lifestyle

Develop the skills and confidence

to make a bigger impact.

Redesign your business and life for

autonomy, wealth and lifestlye.


Personal Performance
Bespoke Coaching

Where and who do you want to be in 10 years?

Let's see how we can create this

in 12 months.

Extraordinary Leader Program

10X comes from within.


Transformation for top performers in 12 months.

Limited availability.

Henry Reith - CEO "OH CRAP"

“You are an excellent listener and ask great questions."

Take the first step on this journey, together

You're in the tribe! I'll only email you valuable ideas every 2 weeks.

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