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Welcome to the home of champion solopreneurs.

Autonomy. Wealth. Lifestlye.

4 reasons to join...

You're in the tribe! I'll only email you valuable ideas every 2 weeks.

Build an autonomous, sustainable business...

Work location-free anywhere in the world...

Become time-rich...

Practice high-performance at work and home...

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I'm Stefano. I help solopreneurs create business autonomy
& live their ideal lifestyle, anywhere in the world, in 6-12 months.

You may be here because you're looking for solutions to grow your business or you're feeling trapped by your own success...

...or perhaps because solopreneurship is damn lonely and you would love to connect with other business owners...


...or are you considering leaving your career and are nervous about starting a business that lets you work anywhere, anytime?

It's scary, exciting, challenging, lonely, fulfilling and a lot more!

How many careers offer all that?


I've been a solopreneur my entire life.

If you're like me, freedom, independence, flexibility, travel, fun and people are most important to you.

All of this while developing your career, building your business and having a sustainable income to support your ideal lifestyle.

My desire for all solopreneurs is; more money, time and energy, to live exactly how you want to live, anywhere you wish, right now

The reality:

Most solopreneurs are struggling and making around €18.000 per year.

Most work more than corporate employees.

Most are underpaid, under-appreciated and unsupported.

It doesn't have to be this way. This is why I share my tools, knowledge and expertise to help you become a champion solopreneur.

Let's elevate ourselves and others. "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Wishing you the absolute very best,



A champion solopreneur in 4 steps...





Receive my best insights and suggestions on creating business freedom and ultimate lifestyle thanks to the close work I do with solopreneurs around the world.

My articles are divided into 5 specific categories to champion you

Create more free time and independence from your business practising the 5 powerful concepts in short book. Based on my and my clients' experiences, written for the busy and frustrated solopreneur to create business freedom effectively.

You're in the tribe! I'll only email you valuable ideas every 2 weeks.



Join a curated cohort of solopreneurs from around the world live.

During weekly live calls, we share best practices, overcome challenges and teach new concepts, getting the best out of each other and our businesses.


Personal Mentoring

Add rocket fuel to your ambition and work with me hand in hand. We...

1.  ... redesign your worklife to create independence

2. ... transform your personal life to develop the best version of your self.

3 .... create your ultimate lifestyle over 6-12 months.

Champion Solopreneur Formula

Independent business   +    Personal Performance   +    Lifestyle

Consistent growth

Personal brand


Physical well-being

Focus & productivity

Resilient mindest



Rituals and commitment

Systems & processes

Personal values


Purpose, vision & direction

Take the first step on this journey, together

You're in the tribe! I'll only email you valuable ideas every 2 weeks.

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