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I've always wanted to live

an extraordinary life..


For me, this means:

  • Independence and autonomy.

  • Live, work & travel wherever, whenever.

  • Live in an exotic location.

  • Speak languages & connect with foreign cultures.

  • Connect with and learn from inspiring people.

  • Control money rather controlled by it.

  • Serve solopreneurs to maximise their potential and bring the same passion to their life.

  • Love my work and lifestlye.

  • Create not copy.

What People Know

  • 15 years as a teacher and trainer in education and as a solopreneur.

  • I have lived in 10 countries on 4 continents

  • I speak 5 langauges.


  • PGDip in Finance

  • BA in Languages

  • Life Coaching Diploma


Member of elite executive coaching community, Transition Excellence by Rich Litvin (ICF certified).

What People Don't Know

  • I've been a solopreneur my entire life.

  • I walked away from a 4-generation family business empire to start alone.

  • I have never worked in corporate.

  • My businesses took over my life and almost destroyed my relationship and lifestyle.

  • One business separated a part of my family.

  • By 30, I had achieved financial freedom and a location-free life in the Canary Islands

  • Also passionate about disruption for good, mass-sustainability, indigenous cultures, nomadic lifestyle and writing.

Leaders live by choice, not by accident. 

                                               — Mark Gorman

What qualifies me to work with you?

My mission is to take the 'solo' out of solopreneur. 

To provide the support, tools and beliefs we need to

fulfil our potential, build sustainable businesses and live fulfilling lives. 

I have spent the last 15 years fine-tuning this for myself and dedicate my service, knowledge and experience to others.

I know what it means to

fail, start over, burn out, have no support or certainty of the future.

I also know what it means to create success, on your own terms.

Working together, we can...

  • Upgrade all areas of your business

  • Build your personal brand

  • Replace stress with ease and enjoyment...

  • Become fully autonomous of your business

  • Move towards financial and lifestyle goals

  • Enhance meaningful relationships

This journey requires 200% commitment.

You bring 100. I bring 100.


Let's start recreating your world.

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When you are ready...

Schedule a call

Find out if we're a great fit.

No commitment. No strings attached.


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