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What People Know

15 years as a teacher and trainer in education and solopreneur.

I have lived in Europe, Australia, South and North America. I speak 5 langauges.

Degrees & Teaching

PGDip in Finance

BA in Languages



Business Coaching

Holistic Coaching


Member of elite executive coaching community, Transition Exellence by Rich Litvin (ICF certified).

What People Don't Know


I walked away from a 4-generation family business empire to create my own business.

I have never worked in corporate.

My business took over my life and almost destroyed my relationship and lifestyle.

By 30, I had achieved financial freedom and a location-free life in the Canary Islands.

I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, leadership, sustainability, cultural relations, digital nomad lifestyle, travel and writing.

Leaders live by choice, not by accident. 

                                               — Mark Gorman

What qualifies me to work with you?

I serve leaders and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges

of building a life and business overseas. 

I have constantly moved every few years across 10 different countries.

I know what it means to start over, work remotely,

have no support network and no certainty over the future.

I can support you to -

  • optimise your business and work-style

  • create financial and geographical freedom

  • create your own ideal lifestyle

  • cultivate fulfilling relationships

  • integrate into local communities and language

  • navigate the uncertainties of living abroad


Aside from continuous training and qualifications, I....

  • have built (local and digital) communities,

  • taught and trained for 15 years

  • built businesses (local and digital)

  • created financial freedom 

  • location-free lifestyle

This journey requires 200% commitment.

You bring 100. I bring 100.


Let's start recreating your world.

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When you are ready...