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Your vision.
Your journey.
Your freedom.

You know there is a world of possibility awaiting you.

Summon the courage to step inside and create more than what you could ever imagine.

  • Powerful insights, exponential results, one step at a time

  • Co-created tailored journeys

  • Inner and outer work

  • Breach your limitations

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Which one are you?


See the opportunity in entrepreneurship?

Let's help you start with 0 risk.


Already operational?

Let's create more in less time and remove you from the business.


Already successful?

Embark on the most meaningful personal development work you'll ever do.


Aspiring to break free from the restraints of your boss and office?


If your heart jumps at the idea of creating more flexibility, time and income, this journey is for you.

What you create

Turn Ideas into income.

  • Learn how to test, develop and project your idea into a paying solo business.

  • Develop your confidence and capabilities as a solopreneur, without quitting your job.

  • Create more free time and possibility in your personal life and current career.

Who is it for

  • Manager / Full- / part-time employees / Stay-at-home parent / Unemployed professional

  • If you are ready to make your transformation a priority

  • If you are no longer willing to settle for average or being stuck

Who is not eligible


  • Operational solopreneurs

Program structure

  • Begin with a discovery call

  • Co-create a tailored program for your goals

  • Define session logistics and methodology

  • Week by week development towards goals


Partners typically invest between €1200 - €2400


3 - 6 months


Michael U, Head of Sales

"Stefano's coaching has been a transformative journey, not just in my career, but in how I view life itself"
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