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Tired of doing it all alone?

You are proud of the successful and profitable business you've built but equally frustrated there's no one to bounce ideas off and get excited about building the future with.

You started your business for a reason; freedom, flexibility, leadership, expertise, independence, or perhaps all of them. Don't lose sight of them.

How would you work with a sense of ease and dare I say, fun?

What if you could kick the "lonely" from leadership?

What if being a solopreneur or business owner didn't mean going it all alone?

I take the 'solo' out of solopreneurship with business owners.

Owners who are free of their businesses rather than a slave to them, realise the value in having unbiased professional support to...

  • uncover and apply dyanmic solutions to grow and develop successfully..

  • reframe mindset & live business, money and life completely differently...

  • leave the infamous comfort zone and create new opportunities...

  • challenge your beliefs and methodology in your work...

  • connect and contribute with like-minded pioneers creating greatness...

  • unlock essential resources your business and life to thrive...

For some, it's about living location-free, for others, financial independence, lifestyle, legacy or reputation.


What do you want to create with passion and purpose?

What does working together look like?

  • Bespoke program tailored to your objectives and needs

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly 1-1 sessions online

  • Sessions can be recorded for you to access in perpetuity

  • Laser sessions*

  • Continuous support between sessions*

  • Tools, resources and material for business and life

  • Access to a private community of inspiring entrepreneurs

  • Tangible, measurable results according to your goal


How does it work?

The 4 pillars of solopreneur success.








Goal setting








Personal Brand










Is this right for you?

Why me?

You want support in your business and/or personal life...

This change is your total  priority...

You are open-minded and willing to challenge your perspective..

You are ready to accept responsibility
for your progress

...if so, then let's talk and assess where
you are and where you want to be...







Teaching, training,

mentoring, coaching

Language &

Communication expert.


Small business

creation & management




To truly see how we create results, experience it.

Sabrina S. - Consultant

My coaching session was simply great! I appreciated the capability of Steve to adjust the different coach techniques to the situation, adapting and changing to best reach our goal of the session. He was also very empathic and able to catch my moods, going deep when necessary, and taking time to breath and relax when needed. Keep it up Steve!

Safwan B - Founder

After our meeting, I started seeing the world through a new lens, I also figured out that I must work hard on my goals while enjoying the process, and by doing just that, I believe that I can achieve anything I want.

I now know that there are no limits to what I can accomplish, the only thing that is limiting me is me, so I have to have faith in myself and my goals, even when others don't. There's beauty in everything I do, and I believe that those are things that we all should strive for.

Letizia G . - Educator

The meeting with Stefano was enlightening. Our coaching session helped me understand what was preventing me from acting in order to realize my new project. Our conversataion was flowing and kind of natural. I lost track of time being totally absorbed in the moment. Stefano ha a real talent to make you focus on your goals and how to achieve them in a relaxwed way, by enjoying it along the journey.



200% Commitment to your success...

100 from me and 100 from you...

My guarantee

  • 100% Commitment you are my entire focus and priority

  • 100% Confidentiality what you share stays between us

  • 0% Judgement I am not here to approve or criticise

  • Deep listening to what you say, how and what's not said

  • Challenge help you see what you cannot see for yourself

Coworking Space

Schedule a call

Find out if we're a great fit.

No commitment. No strings attached.

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New to coaching?

Is coaching like counselling or therapy?

Coaching focuses on positive creation. It helps move you from where you are now,

to your biggest goals, quicker and more effectively than otherwise possible.

It isn't a substitute for therapy or any kind of psychological support.

What happens in a session?

A session is best explained by experiencing it. I combine a variety of skills and approaches to help you overcome your biggest challenges.

How much does it cost?

Clients typically invest from €997 for 3 months.

How do I know I am going to get a good return on my investment?

You decide how committed you are to your goals.

The more you put in, the more you get out. I will not give you a magic formula for success but I will help you create your own magic during our partnership.

We also measure and track your progress together to monitor your performance.

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