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You 3.0

Your life, on your terms. Finally.

The desire to accomplish is burning strong...

The need to grow is bursting inside you...

The knowing there is more is consuming you...

You are here because you know life has more to offer.

You were born for more, you have always known it.

I've felt like this since the day I was born. I thought I had be born a Prince only to discover later that I wasn't actually entitled to anything.

I realised that everything I wanted, I had to create and the beauty of this is I get to create it exactly as I want it to be.

How do you want to create your life right now?

This 12-month creation is for you IF....

  • You want to experience Deep Coaching – with me as your coach…

  • You want to learn how to coach powerfully…

  • You want to experience breakthroughs in your thinking…

  • You want to discover what truly drives you…

  • You want to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed…

  • You want to make a far bigger impact…

Interactive - Practical - Live

  • Impact introductions & elevator pitch

  • Organisation & Planning (knowing your audience)

  • Content & Powerful Language

  • Story Telling 

  • Delivery Training

  • Final Assignment 

Become competent and confident speaking both on camera, live and in front of an audience in just

12 weeks.


Community-Based Learning

You are not alone. Learn, support and excel with colleagues live and in a private student area.

What you are getting

  • 14 sessions (Sept - Dec '22)

  • 1.5h live, weekly, trainings online

  • Group + 1-1 training

  • 80% practical 20% theory

  • Personalised to your objectives

  • Community-based learning

  • Training material & resources


 €699 + bonus training before August 16th.

€899 after.

Public Speaker
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