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Use the next 12 months to change the rest of your life...


"My business does allow me to work from anywhere but I want to grow it and improve my lifestyle..."

"I work so hard I often forget why I'm really doing it..."

"I'm sometimes unsure that what I'm doing is truly meaningful or makes a difference..."

"I'm tired of the routine and know there has to be more...."

"My work-life balance is completely off. I either have no free time and am stressed, or too much and waste it..."

"I am grateful I live abroad but I miss my friends and family..."

"Despite working remotely, I feel trapped by my work and by my home..."

Make more time for what and who you love

Increase your professional impact

Create your ideal lifestyle on your terms

Improve your communication

Strengthen your relationships

Find and live your purpose



What I bring you...

Imagine having a passionate leader dedicate their entire focus, energy, professional skills, experience and knowledge to your success. What could you achieve?

100% Commitment

You are my entire priority


Insight-Based Coaching

I challenge your thoughts and behaviour.

0% Judgement

A safe space to say what you can't usually say.


Exponential Value

Beyoud our live sessions, through support, networks, reflections and tasks


Personal coach, mentor, consultant, advisor &

thinking partner



15 years' experience in a multitude of leadership roles

What does our partnership look like?





Month 1

Foundation II 



month 3

Progress Review




Month 3-6-9-12





month 2

Focused Growth  

Specific to your highest priorities

Month 4-12

Resources & Support  

Material & Tools


Laser sessions

Month 1-12

Digital Nomad Expo.png
Digital Nomad Expo speaker on
Remote Leadership
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Teachers Talk Radio
podcast speaker

12 moths of
pure creation


There are 3 levels of remote lifestyle;

remote worker, remote owner and remote leader.

Which are you and which do you want to be?


"Creo" is Latin, one of the roots of modern day European language,  communication and meaning.

"Creo" is to create.

This journey is named so because we do deep coaching, creating from the inside-out, across 12 months.

Your growth will be so evident and impactful your friends will have to get to know you all over again.

CREO XII is for you IF...

  • You are willing to prioritise yourself and your goals over all else..

  • You want to create a bold, clear vision of your dreams and goals...  

  • You want to craft a personal blueprint to achieving your objectives...

  • You want to act and be differently to how you've ever been before...

  • You want to finally bring your projects to life, those you have been hesitating to start for years...

  • You want to find your voice and share what you need to say...

  • You are prepared to do deep inner reflective work...

  • You want to create exponential results across multiple areas of your life…

  • You want to create the most positive and effective version of yourself...    ​

  • You want to lead and be led powerfully and be a role model for others...

  • You are willing to experience shifts and breakthroughs in your thinking and actions

  • You wish to learn to recognise your behaviour and how it influences your impact...

  • You want to discover what truly drives you

    - with me as your personal coach.


Sabrina S. - Consultant

My coaching session was simply great! I appreciated the capability of Steve to adjust the different coach techniques to the situation, adapting and changing to best reach our goal of the session. He was also very empathic and able to catch my moods, going deep when necessary, and taking time to breath and relax when needed. Keep it up Steve!

Safwan B - Founder

After our meeting, I started seeing the world through a new lens, I also figured out that I must work hard on my goals while enjoying the process, and by doing just that, I believe that I can achieve anything I want.

I now know that there are no limits to what I can accomplish, the only thing that is limiting me is me, so I have to have faith in myself and my goals, even when others don't. There's beauty in everything I do, and I believe that those are things that we all should strive for.

Letizia G . - Educator

The meeting with Stefano was enlightening. Our coaching session helped me understand what was preventing me from acting in order to realize my new project. Our conversataion was flowing and kind of natural. I lost track of time being totally absorbed in the moment. Stefano ha a real talent to make you focus on your goals and how to achieve them in a relaxwed way, by enjoying it along the journey.

Leadership comes in many forms....

Leadership is an art and is unique to the artist though there are typical skills and characteristics of highly effective leaders.

I transfer 15 years of leadership experience as a teacher, trainer, business owner, mentor, coach and advisor to you the coachee, in our 12 months together.

I see where you are...
I hear what you say...
I am where you are going to...

Stefano K_edited.png

I felt like that for years both before, during and after creating my ideal lifestyle.


I travelled and lived in 10 different countries, searching, exploring and learning, before discovering how to design my ideal life.


It started with learning the distinction that happiness is a choice, not a destination.

That took a while to assimilate and master.


Secondly, I realised it was going to take undeterred, total, commitment on my part.

Commitment to self, truth and creation, before everything else.


What worked for me won't necessarily work for you. That's why we will explore and discover your own personal key(s) to success.

Before reading any further, ask yourself, "Am I sincerely ready and willing to challenge myself, feel discomfort and create what I truly want?"

If not, that is ok and congratulations for being completely honest with yourself.


Feel free to return when you are.

Curious to learn more? Continue reading...

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