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Are you going for simple or easy?

Updated: May 23

We human beings are programmed to find the solutions that exert the least amount of energy.

Our body knows how vital a currency energy is and does it's absolute best to preserve it for those times of scarcity and need.

This mechanism that kicks in every single day of our lives filters into our work, naturally, and whether we realise it or not, it is affecting every decision we make and consequently, actions we take and results we create.

Whether I am working with corporate leaders, entrepreneurs or rising talents, these individuals have shared their desire to create a new reality that is 'easy'. Oftentimes, they also want the process to be achieved with 'ease'.

Does a champion lawyer desire simplicity or easy?

Female professional
High performers need simplicity not ease

I was once coaching a formidable lawyer from Milan. Not only was she phenomenal at her job, she was in her early thirties, extremely driven and ambitious and of Korean heritage.

As we worked through her feelings of stress, overwhelm and responsibility, she kept repeating how she wished everything would just be easier and how much happier she would be as a result.

Exploring her past achievements, way back from when she was a teenager through university and into her career, we quickly unveiled that her greatest moments had always been against the odds. The path that she had been on, had always been the most challenging. A gift that she embraced to rise to each occasion.

Easy didn't give her satisfaction.

Easy didn't create her success.

Simplicity did.

Why simplicity?

Each success was a culmination of focus and process. It wasn't easy and it (obviously) didn't need to be.

Achieving university honours wasn't easy but she had focus and a clear study method.

Rising the ranks from trainee to partner in her law firm wasn't easy but she knew she wanted it and what was required to create it.

Creating balance and harmony between professional success and personal peace and fulfilment wasn't easy but by incorporating simplicity into both areas of her life, she created it.

Simple vs Easy

Easy is something that can be achieved without a great deal of challenge or effort.

Simple refers to the process or method.

Easy doesn't stimulate growth nor fulfilment.

Simple creates a process that optimises your skills and abilities to achieve your goals.

Make it simple to achieve your next success.

Wishing you the absolute very best, Stefano


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