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Deep connections in winning teams

Updated: 2 days ago

Strong relationships are at the foundation of almost all types of success, including the relationship you have with yourself.

If you want your team to increase their output, generate more return or 10X sales, they have to be exactly that, a team, rather than a group of individuals working towards a common goal.

Want to create an unstoppable team? Develop deep-rooted connection amongst them.

Look at any team of champions closely and you’ll quickly notice how tightly-knit the individuals are, whether they’re in sports, business and especially the military.

Something you already know but needs to be reiterated: the depth of their relations are created outside the office while the fruits are borne inside.

Scaleup team
Strong teams are key to startups and scaleups

Building Deep Connection Outside The Office

It’s clear that true connection and relationships are developed and nurtured over time but there are ways to expedite and support the process. There are infinite ways, limited only by your creativity and willingness.

You’re already familiar with team building tasks, day trips and social gatherings so here are 3 simple, less common, options any team can implement immediately.

In all cases, it is the manager’s responsibility to know as much as they can about their people and be the catalyst that brings people together based on specific commonalities before applying the following:

Introductions to personal friends

Nothing demonstrates trust in the business world quite like recommending two people to each other.

Bringing two people you know can add value to each other’s lives is a powerful and potentially fruitful engagement.

The only caveat is ensure there is tangible value for both.

Creating co-projects

Knowing some of your employees’ personal projects distinctly demonstrates care and interest because it’s something you aren’t required to do as part of your job description.

When you help your team members discover they have similar goals or objectives, bringing them together to co-create a plan and execution renders results and friendship.

From something as simple as becoming exercise partners to starting a non-profit, having the manager’s backing and support will inspire others in the group too.

Curate a culture of personalisation

Work culture often tends to be rushed, stressful and impersonal. Let’s ensure the opposite is certainly true when outside the office.

Celebrating and acknowledging personal wins, achievements or milestones with a hand-written letter, tasty gift or even a coffee, can easily show people how they truly feel about each other.

This can even be achieved with remote teams, with staff around the world thanks to delivery and pickup services. No excuses.

Create the habit for yourself and encourage team members to take it on for themselves.

Once our team members are caring and connecting together in their personal lives, results will shine through at work: more harmony, collaboration and authenticity wil lead to increased creativity and productivity.

Without team members who honestly care about each other's wellbeing and performance, we are left with a group of isolated individuals, performing far below their potential.

Wishing you the absolute very best,



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