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Software Company vs Fatherhood & Motorcycles

Updated: May 23

Many people who are considering starting their own business or project often get stuck and hold back due to the idea that they already have too many responsibilities. Having a family is one of the most common examples of this but wasn’t something that stopped this remarkable man and thrill seeker build a thriving software company in the gaming industry while simultaneously raising a young family. Not only did he succeed in growing both but how did he do it with a smile on his face? Enjoy learning about rebel leader and motorcycle fanatic, Andreas Neubauer.

The Business

Andreas was the sole founder of the software development company he grew and eventually sold, taking the company from a one-man show to an enterprise with global clients.

Andreas outlined the stages of his company growth: solopreneur + partnership + departments and managers. He started by reaching out to prospects and personally making sales and as the demand increased, so did the team he built around him.

Andreas made it explicitly clear how having a strong and trusted team was fundamental to everyone’s success, “I let them know [employees] I hired them for the only reason that they are better than me…” and this kind of openness created trust, allowing leadership and responsibilities to be delegated effectively.

Awareness of his own personal strengths helped create balance in a formidable partnership, “The greatest value I brought to the company and the employees was the curiosity which inspired them to create…and the trust…I was the listener…and I was always a good thinking partner..”

Knowing his strengths, Andreas became incredibly efficient and utilised the time at work to create results instead of merely putting in hours, “…I became very effective…I learned that…time matters not so much as presence [but] the energy you have in this given time…”

This is a strategy he has also applied to life outside of work.

Personal Life

Family is very important and Andreas was already a father when he created MOHIO, eventually raising two girls during his 13-year career.

Time spent with his children has always been just as important as providing for them so he always ensured that he was truly present when he was in father mode and again, that meant being more than simply being physically present, it meant creating moments for experiences and memories, whether it was playing sports, doing school-runs, reading stories or modelling that the children could be whatever they wished to be, free from labels and judgement.

How you use the time is more important than the amount of time.

Success GPS

He spoke of delegation, building a trusted team and acting as a role model but as he shared his story, it felt as if the man has an inbuilt happiness GPS that he allows to guide him across all areas of his life.

For example, he would never split his time equally between work and home, preferring to show up according to the moment and what was required. He knew when each needed him and in between those obligations, he sought adventure and excitement, two elements embedded in his DNA.

So aside from being an excellent father and exemplary boss, he created time for himself to enjoy life for Andreas, something that was his and didn’t need to be shared...

Following his personal GPS led him to hosting sports events for Red Bull and eventually, to motorcycles. He developed a passion for purchasing used motorbikes, tinkering and tweaking and adding value where possible, as he has always done. Something that he describes with a huge grin, for the pure joy of doing, no resale or financial incentive involved, “I love buying used models, taking them apart and rebuilding better versions…I don’t sell them, I just do it for fun…it’s fun for me.”

This new hobby has given Andreas a new sense of fulfilment and along with a new career as a Thinking Partner and Coach, his life has a fresh perspective.

This is a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of making it happen. After 13 years of dedication, he was able to step away from the company having realised it was no longer for him.

Advice & Reflections

There’s more value in doing it than overthinking it…
- Andreas Neubauer

His advice to other business owners is simple but not easy, “Congratulate your mistakes…don’t care what others say and keep going…[and]…don’t overthink things, there’s more value in doing it than overthinking….adapt to your feelings..” Andreas recommends paying attention to how you are using your time and whether you are enjoying what you’re doing. He believes leaders often overthink instead of doing, and creating momentum.

What insights did you get from this story and what is one action you are going to take as a result?

Connect with Andreas on Linkedin or via his website.

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