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You don't need accountability, you need community

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

People often feel they need someone to give them a kick and get them into gear and by taking action repeatedly, you'll get things need done.

It's like hiring a personal trainer who will stretch you in the gym (no pun intended) and push you to do that extra chin-up and one more squat.

How many times has it happened to you that despite having someone at your side, urging you on, after a few months, the feeling of resistance begins to push harder and you don't feel like doing anymore, no matter how much you've paid or who's training you.

Accountability only works in the short-term and it only takes speaking to friend and colleagues in the month of February to discover this, namely because by that time, everyone has broken their diets and new year workout regimes.

If accountability isn't the answer, how do we get sh*t done?

Community group
Surround yourself with inspiring people who share your core values

The Power Of A Community

The reason accountability isn't effective in the long-term is because it's based on idealistic values; goals that are appealing and logically beneficial, but that aren't completely aligned with your core values and beliefs.

Recognising your core values and beliefs is obviously the first step and once they are clear, you can begin your search for more effective 'accountability partners' - people with similar core values.

This is why joining the right community can be the difference you are looking to make this year.

Given that you have the same drives and similar ideals, you are more likely to achieve your desired outcomes because they are what's truly important to you and often, non-negotiable.

For example, if you join a group of traders because you want to earn more money and realise that freedom is absolutely essential to your happiness it's unlikely that you'll stick it out, despite the desire to earn more.

Clarify your top values and what's really important to you and then find an aligned community. You'll quicky notice the difference in the feeling of motivation you have inside. Rather than a rush of excitement, you may recognise a quiet but confident knowing you're in the right place.

Being in the right environment will support you to show up as powerfully as you need to and will ensure you find creative solutions to challenges as they come.

Elements That Make A Thriving Community

British Community Naples celebrating Queen Silver Jubilee
I have built both offline and digital communities during my solopreneur career

Deep not wide

A group that offers meaningful and genuine relationships beats a group that boasts thousands of members.

Get to know people, learn about them and start conversations with those who you normally wouldn't.

Challenge: Reach out to the person (you think) you have the least in common with and you may unearth some hidden gems.

Balance giving and receiving

Community is about give and take and creating value for everyone involved. Be known as a contributor by supporting, listening and publishing regularly. Consider how you can and would like to contribute compared to what others are searching for and find the overlap.

If we're all doing that, we're all helping and being helped.

You get out what you put in.

People who are the same vs different people who find things in common?

Communities shouldn't be about selecting people with common traits while exclusing others. Instead, they should bring different people together (with similar values) who then find commonalities that complement each other.

Wouldn't it be boring if we were all great at the same thing or shared the same ideas? It's far more stimulating and beneficial to discover what you don't know from others.

Diversity & Inclusion

A variety of skillsets, roles, experience, age, nationalities, races, gender and sexuality all contribute to a diverse environment, one that is open to change and development. The more diverse a group, the more perspective and challenge to people's thinking.

Diversity can bring out the best in people.

Pro tip: if you cannot find a community that matches your values and goals, create your own! I have created and curated both online and offline communities in my career, my most recent unites global solopreneurs to kick loneliness from leadership.

How many worthwhile people do you need in a group to empower and support you?

A small group is easier to manage and ensures deeper relationships.

Let me know which you decide.


PS Whenever you are ready to create your own community, develop your business at the next level and create results at work and in your personal life, let's explore your ambitions and potential challenges together.

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