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"Helping Nomads Find Home" Research Project


Whether you're a remote leader, worker or digital nomad, you may be living overseas and dealing with the challenges that come with being far from home, friends, family and familiarity. That's perhaps why you left in the first place?

Since the covid pandemic, remote working has become part of the "new normal" and with anything new, it's never perfect first-time around. There are complaints on both sides:

  • Staff are working more from home

  • There's no separation between work and personal life

  • Working from home often leads to monotony and isolation which often spiral downward

  • Companies believe employees have more benefits working from home and therefore compensation schemes should be adapted accordingly

  • Team leaders are struggling to produce pre-pandemic results from their colleagues

  • Due to the physical distance, trust and communication are breaking down.

As a digital nomad, founder and educator, I am learning from the very best remote team leaders and experienced workers from top mid-large sized companies, and entrepreneurs and business owners, living overseas.


By learning from their experiences, the aim of this research is to take the best practices and share them with remote leaders and workers everywhere, improving the quality of working from anywhere.


I send you a brief email, with an overview of the questions for you to consider.

We arrange a convenient time to chat and a private space to share your experiences.

Interviews usually last approximately 45 mins and can change on a case by case basis.

The session is transcribed (with your permission) and is used purely for research purposes only.


The research will be used in part for the development of a book to inspire and guide other business founders and remote leaders, to enhance professional results and personal satisfaction simultaneously.

Know Someone With A Story?

Who do you know, leading teams or a business overseas who....

⭕️ is struggling to lead multiple team members remotely?

⭕️ has successfully led and grown remote teams?
⭕️ doesn't believe in remote work?
⭕️ has been working remotely since prior to the pandemic?

Share this page with them and give them the chance to share their story.

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