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Want great results?
Recognise what you truly desire and align everything to support it.

  • What did you spend hours doing as a child?

  • What can you give a presentation on without preparation?

  • What are you constantly talking to your spouse about that makes them roll their eyes?!

Identify what you truly desire, away from the noise of society, and build your life around what truly matters, one step, one business, one day, at a time.

That's what these people did. Here's what they created as a result: 

From captain of industry to solopreneur coach in 45 days

Overworked, under-appreciated and burnt-out, this client had had enough of being a clog in the wheel after 17 years.


Start a coaching practice and alternative income to transition out of current company and into full-time self-employment.

The process

  • Identified values, beliefs and skillsets

  • Delegated non-essential tasks to free time for well-being activities

  • Structure new project idea, test and develop

The Result

Enrolled 2 paying clients 45 days into a 6-month journey.

Stefano with client
Stefano in action

From 20 years in corporate to female leadership community

New solopreneur with 20 years corporate experience, felt inspired but unsure how to achieve her goals and build her business.


Create an online program to empower women in corporate

The process

  • Structured the project

  • Unveiled obstacles and engaged in deep inner work

  • Weekly challenges, accountability, deep coaching and consulting

The Result

Created a community and program challenging the traditional leadership model for both women and men.

From years on the fence to published author in 90 days.

She had spent years on the fence. She knew she wanted to, and it was important, but something was stopping her.


Structure, finish and publish her book.


  • Release blocks around writing and personal productivity

  • Increase accountability and commitment

  • Online and face to face sessions

Coaching Client

You could be next.

What are you wanting to create? What dream are you ready to realise? 

I want to help you live a life you love, because I know it is possible for you. 

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