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Solo Business Bootcamp

4 weeks focused on 4 key concepts to provide your business direction, strategy and results.

If you're a solopreneur or self-employed with the desire to grow your practice with a sense of ease and build it around your lifestyle, the Solo Bootcamp may be for you..

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Concept 01

Powerful Project

The foundation for your business success begins with a project or mission that inspires you and those around you.

We will review and improve yours together to make sure people listen when you speak.

Concept 02

Powerful People

Whether you're solo or have a small team, we need catalysts around us; people that make milestones possible.  Who are they and how can we find them?

We'll explore who you need and how to work together.

Meeting Room Business
Flow Chart

Concept 03

Powerful Processes

Want long-term success? We remove the guess work and mental anxiety by installing powerful yet simple systems.

You will already have some but how efficient are they and what could you achieve if you improved them?

Concept 04

Powerful Partners

Influential partners can ensure survival and can be leveraged to create exponential success.

Who does your business need and how can we create game-changing partnerships?

Fists in Solidarity
Based on the principles published in
"The Successful Entrepreneur:
5 Concepts To
Create Business Freedom"
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The Successful Solopreneur Book Cover

Why enrol?

  • Embody the 4P framework to grow your business with a sense of ease

  • Create clarity and fresh perspective on your business purpose.

  • Inspire people to learn about you, buy from you and work with you.

  • Create ease and efficiency by optimising your business processes.

  • Learn to build partnerships that boost your business.

  • Leverage the learning of being in a group of ambitious solopreneurs.

What you're signing up for...

Maximise your


Beginning June 5th 2023

Monday & Thursday 17.00 GMT+1

  • 4 weeks of training and support

  • 8 live workshops

  • 1 Concept per week

  • Theory + Analysis + Implementation

  • Recorded sessions

  • Private group for communication and support

  • Training material & resources

  • Join private community of international solopreneurs

Enrol before May 22nd €690. After €750.

      All the above plus...

  • 2 private coaching sessions focused on your business (during bootcamp)

  • 2 laser sessions for continued support (post bootcamp)

     VIP  €1490

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