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9 FUN Ways To Grow Your Business

Updated: May 23

One of the most powerful tools I have learned on my solopreneur journey (so far) is to tap into what I actually enjoy, and I'll go as far as to say, love, and focus on that.

If you're a seasoned solopreneur or have read a lot of the literature you'll already be familiar with the concept of "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life..." or "Do what you love and the money will follow…"

While there is certainly an element of truth in this wisdom I haven't found them to be law, in my experiences. 

So when I recently decided to step back into one of my businesses that I haven't been actively involved in for approximately 24 months, I suddenly started feeling the weight of dread at the idea of "having to" do a whole list of things I don't enjoy (to put mildly), to get the business moving.

Thanks to a deep conversation with a mentor, he helped me recognise areas that I do love in my role as a mentor and personal performance coach, and find where I can apply the same skills and actions in my other business. 

Sounds simple right? (It always does after-the-fact).

With my new-found enthusiasm my mind exploded with ideas and memories of all the ways I used to enjoy building my business when I first started it. 

Here are my 9 FUN ways that have worked to grow my businesses, with the hope and intention that they can be of service to you and your growth.

1. Socialise 

Being in conversation, helping others, hearing other perspectives, experiences and ideas, all really energise me. When I am in an informal context I am much more relaxed and therefore much more authentic which makes "sales" or "enrolment" a lot easier because they come from my heart and not from my pocket.

Social gathering
Human connection breeds creativity

2. Champion OTHERS

I've never liked the limelight and I've always loved championing others. When I celebrate other people and put them at the centre of attention, we create massive results for them, and off the back of this, create more results for me too. (Caveat; you cannot champion others with the secret intention to create more results for yourself.)

3. Gamify BAD results

Let me explain. When I welcome and collect "failures", it a) helps me overcome the fear of not creating the desired outcome b) statistically leads to a number of successes. Try it. 

4. Write articles or letters to a specific person

I really love this. Even as I write this, I have a specific person in my mind that this is addressed to. I KNOW this is helping them create new possibility for them and their work. This awareness gives me the idea that my time spent writing this is actually useful as opposed to hopeful that someone will find it of use. 

Writing a personal letter
Personalise your communication to whomever needs it

5. Play MUSIC 

Music turns a "bad day" into a good one for me. Some great tunes can radically shift my mood and perspective and I leverage this both before and sometimes during my work. I adapt the genre (and volume) according to how much deep focus is required. 

6. ADAPTABLE Goal Setting

Rather than benchmarking against historic results, I set an independent target, based on my time, energy and state of being on that particular day (even sprinters need jogging days).

7. Create ambassadors

All of my business have been built on referrals and I've always created ambassadors to stimulate growth. People who have experienced me or my business can talk about it in their unique way which will resonate with people who may not resonate with me. 

8. Talk to random strangers 

I cannot quantify the ROI of this financially but it certainly gives me a thrill, boosts confidence and is fun. 

My most recent version of this was at a TedX talk and I gifted the person next to me a copy of my book

Strangers talking
Talking to new people without expectations yields unexpected results

9. Decide or delegate

I consciously decide whether a task will be fun or not. That is the ultimate control I have. You may think by simply telling myself it's fun, doesn't truly make it enjoyable...Sure thing, telling myself isn't enough but choosing to get in the zone, get in the mood and knock it out of the park really does make a difference. 

When I really can't get on board with this concept, I have fun choosing who to delegate to!

If you were thinking I was going to say making videos on Tik-Tok, unfortunately, I don't enjoy that, YET. I am still cultivating that passion...

How do you make your work fun and enjoyable and what is the outcome? 

Share your strategies. 


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