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Nail Your Next Launch

Once you have 30+ people on a waiting list, in a workshop or webinar and perhaps you have even recieved some deposits, you may feel ready to roll out your product or service to the world.

Firstly, congratulations for getting this far, many don't.

(Before continuining, make sure you've read the previous 2 articles on creating and testing profitable ideas).

If you want to ensure you're not wasting your time, money or effort, my experience has taught me to take one more vital step before launching.

This will ensure you are effective, efficient and setting yourself up for success.

It will also be a fall back for those inevitably difficult days to come.

Find balance between fear and enthusiasm.

At this stage you may be feeling ecstatic that you've hit on a golden opportunity and you're raring to start, sell and rake in the cash.

On the other hand, you may be anxious or unsure of what's going to happen and whether you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

In either case, the best place to be emotionally, is in the middle; centred.

This are some reasons why many entrepreneurs I know have stopped before they have even started:

  • Don't know how to launch properly

  • Unsure how to price

  • Afraid of selling

  • Predicting what could go wrong eg taxes, not scaling, managing people

If you're experienced and confident in your process, this could also lead to oversights.

Adopt a curious, beginner's mindset and give yourself the best chance to spot icebergs.

Female entrepreneur
Adopting a beginner's mindset improves chances of successful launches

My Go-To To Launch Successfully

A successful launch requires backwards planning.

Decide :

  1. When would you love to launch?

  2. How? (eg countdown, event, digital launch etc)

  3. How many initial sales?

  4. How will you reach and warm these customers?

This process usually requires 2-3 months which means your pre-launch needs to come 3-5 months before this.

Pre-launch Like A Pro

Remember those wonderful people who signalled interest and intent? They are your raving fans, they just don't know it yet.

They will be a driving force in your lift-off.

Make them centre of the pre-launch by giving them early access to your solution and the possibility to give feedback.

In fact, it's essential you create the following agreements together:

Early / free or discounted / full or partial access in exchange for :

  • Honest feedback

  • Video testimony

  • Option to earn as an affiliate

In a nutshell, they agree to becoming an ambassador for your product or service.

Pro tip: create a community among the early adopters for more value and stronger connection.

This is a wonderful gift to you, with the chance to tweak and improve your offer before going to market.

Leverage Pre- into Profit

If you've followed all the steps, by this point you'll already have:

  • An improved iteration of your solution A range of testimonials advocating your solution.

  • (Potential) Customers who trust you and are willing to pay.

You're almost ready to launch.

Turbo-boost your chances of sales by creating hype around a launch event.

Think Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone and scale it up or down accordingly.

It's not so much the event that matters, rather the energy you bring to it.

  • Craft an irresistible offer.

  • Make it easy to buy.

  • Encourage people to share and invite.

  • Involve your fans and make it a win-win with referral fees.

  • Make it fun!

It's not so much the event that matters, rather the energy you bring to it.


You have early adopters, testimonials, an improved solution and an enticing upcoming event; now you are ready to launch.

Which stage are you at and how will you navigate it?

Wishing you the absolute very best,



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