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Sales for non-salespeople

Updated: May 23

If sales is high on your mind right now and you are looking for a way to create more customers but feel that sales is somewhat of an achilles heel, this is something you may wish to consider.

For many, the word ‘sales’ makes them shift nervously in their chair and brings up all kinds of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Sharp suits and superficial smiles used to be stereotypical images of salespeople.

While there is still an element of truth here, there is a new concept of selling that has been a game changer for those who don’t see themselves as ‘salespeople’: conscious selling.

What is ‘conscious selling’ ?

Researching this term provides a variety of definitions from; selling only if both seller and buyer agree it’s the best option, to, making ‘purpose-led’ sales.

My interpretation and experience of this skill is genuine service.

How is ‘conscious selling’ performed?

I have never worked as a salesman but as a solopreneur and even as a teacher, I have been engaged in sales throughout my entire career.

I built an online tutoring academy, a repair business, a community and coaching practice on one-to-one sales alone.

How? Having transparent conversations and providing genuine value to clients.

What I do in five steps:

  1. Face to face conversation to understand the client’s needs.

  2. Explore options available to serve these needs, including referring to an external expert if necessary.

  3. Provide and discuss information regarding potential solutions with full transparency. This includes T&Cs, pricing, scheduling etc

  4. Invite prospective client to reflect, ask, compare and return when ready.

  5. If a prospect becomes a client, I support them as they begin their journey. If they decline, I support them on their journey regardless.

It isn’t always such plain sailing, afterall, clients are unique individuals so each interaction is different.

Some ask to change the rules in their favour, discounts or other bespoke requirements.

In all cases, empathy and understanding for their request are required, providing potential options and solutions that work for both parties.

Why ‘conscious selling’ over traditional sales?

You’re probably reading this because you feel the need to change something in your sales approach.

How are clients reacting to you and your proposals?

How do you feel when you make a proposition?

There are clues in your feelings and intuition that will help answer these questions.

Whatever the answer, you know something isn’t working. Now consider the following:

  • Wouldn’t it feel incredible to be proud of whatever service or product you provide?

  • How would you benefit if your clients felt they could totally trust you?

  • Would you make more sales if you were being completely authentic and confident your solution can truly help?

Conscious selling can address all of the above and more.

By being who you genuinely are and finding a solution that really does improve someone’s life or work in some way, your chances of success skyrocket.

  • You build long-term relationships based on trust and results.

  • You are more likely to increase your client retention.

  • You increase your chances of referrals.

  • You can spend less time ‘marketing’ and more time doing what actually matters; serving.

Your conscious decision

This consciousness around sales has helped me build multiple businesses across a variety of fields. No matter the industry, success in sales is based on successful relationships: win-win relationships.

If you are willing to give conscious selling a try in your work, what one thing would you like to adapt or modify in your approach, right now?

If you would like to discuss this concept further, reach out .

Wishing you the absolute very best,



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