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Serve not sell

Updated: May 23

At the end of April 2022 I had the honour of participating at an exclusive event in London in celebration of the “Book of Being” entitled, The Ultimate Coach, with a line up of some of the greatest coaches and thought leaders on the planet. The Ultimate Coach himself, Steve Hardison, accompanied by his extraordinary wife and author, Amy Hardison, and an exemplary set of speakers and business leaders all shared their wisdom on being and its impact on everything in our lives.

Steve was the final speaker to take the stage and true to his nature, showed up authentically and unscripted.

He shared a story.

While in Edinburgh at a war memorial cemetery, looking around at the tributes and headstones, he began to ponder why human beings kill each other; why they have always done so throughout history and continue today, especially when we live in such an abundant world.

What is the necessity and motivation?

It occurred to him that we create conflict when we take from others. As I sat in the audience, the words really hit me. I had never considered it that way before.

Think about it. How do you feel when you know someone wants to sell you something? Do you appreciate that they are trying to solve your problem or do you scoff at the fact someone is trying to take your money, without regard for you? Most would say the latter.

This isn't even taking in its purest. It's an exchange and causes distrust. It causes conflict.

Ever since humanity began, we have always fought to prevent others taking what we feel is ours and have defended ourselves even until death in many cases.

“Taking is the seed of conflict and war.” - Steve F. Hardison

Steve’s answer to this is: receiving instead of taking. We all have our needs and wants but instead of taking without regard for others, we must create in order to receive.

There is a clear difference between taking and receiving, which is obvious when you reflect on it.

Receiving is being given, willingly.

Receiving is when you do something with such authenticity and sincerity that people will not only pay you but be grateful for you.

Receiving is serving so powerfully that people are so appreciative that they cannot help but tell others about you.

How do you believe a man can charge $200.000 per client and have a waiting list of people around the globe eager to work with him? Simple. He serves you so powerfully for an entire year that it changes their life forever. He can and should charge more.

Stop taking. Start serving and receiving.

If you’ve read this far, I invite you to take 5 minutes and reflect on where and what you are taking in your life and from whom. How is your relationship with that person?


Which areas of your life feel forced or have friction?

Where and how are you taking from others?

Stop, reflect and turn it around. How can you serve instead?

Who do you need to be in order to serve powerfully?

What would be the outcome by serving in these cases instead of taking?

Create value, serve powerfully and receive by the same magnitude.

Wishing you the absolute very best,



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