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Relocate to Tenerife

Ready to exchange busy and frenetic days for a relaxed and rewarding lifestyle?


Whether you are retiring, relocating your family, opening a business or making an investment, I can help you turn your dream into a project with strategic planning and step by step guidane.

How does this work?


Initial Consultation


Define Direction


Project Start


Weekly Calls


Constant Support

Why work together?

Value First

I aim to help before becoming a client.

I provide resources and answers your most pressing questions.

Local Support & Connections

I am present to research, view, manage your project. I also connect you with local professionals while you're overseas.


Certified Coach and Teacher, I have worked with government organisations and trusted by international businesses.


I have been through the process myself and helped many others to relocate, buy a property, open a business and more..


I am tri-lingual (English, Italian, Spanish) and provide clear, efficient communication to all parties.


My promise to you is I will do everything within my power to support your project.

What Our Clients Say

Anaga Rural Park

Julian T. - Founder

"Stefano did a great job! I was really amazed by his approach and can only recommend a session with him. Thanks again.."
  • What services do you provide?
    The following are examples of services I provide: Buying property Business relocation or acquisition Family relocation (accomodation, schools, organising local identification) Cultural integration
  • How long do projects take?
    It depends on the project. On average, most projects take between 3 - 12 months.
  • How do the consultations work?
    We meet online once a week up to 3 times per month. Each call is 45 mins. Additional calls can be scheduled when necessary subject to availability.
  • How much do consultations cost?
    Fees are calculated on a project-basis. An initial 3-month consultation starts at €1200 and is subject to additional billable hours according to the project. All costs are discussed and agreed to after the 2nd Consultation.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    There are no hidden costs. All costs are disclosed upfront in advance to be agreed to in writing. Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed to in writing accordingly per development.
  • Are refunds available?
    Due to the nature of consulting work, refunds are not possible under any circumstances. For projects over €3000, payment plans and instalments are available.
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