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15 Vital Questions To Reduce Your Fear And Get Started As A Solopreneur

1. How do I start a lifestyle business?

Find something that is already in demand and sell 1 unit yourself. If you can sell another 10 units in half the time, you have a business.

2. What is the best independent business idea for me? A profitable one that you can eventually automate or reduce your constant presence in.

3. How can I create a business plan?

Unless you're ready to pitch to investors, keep your plan as simple as it can possibly be.

Preparation -

Start with the end in mind. Write what you want to achieve and by when.

Score how important it is to you from 1-10. (Anything a 7 or less, scrap it).

What resources does the objective need?

Prioritise these objectives.

Laster focus on 1 at a time.

Plan -

Fill in the blanks;

The business will create [result/mission] for [desired audience] by [time] thanks to [tools / resources].

4. How do I finance my business? How confident of success are you?

5. How can I market and promote my business? Build as many relationships as possible.

6. What legal and regulatory requirements do I need to be aware of? Ask a local accountant.

7. How do I manage my finances and accounting? Keep it simple. Use a basic template to track your expenses and income. Anything more than this, ask an accountant.

Male small business owner
Many people are too afraid to even start.

8. How can I find and retain customers? Build genuine relationships with people and your customers will find you.

Create unmeasurable results for your clients. Do your best possible work and over deliver. Suprise them and surprise yourself.

9. What technology and tools should I use in my business? Only those that are absolutely essential. They either save time, energy or create more income. Throw out everything else.

10. How do I handle competition and stay competitive? Focus on yourself. You are your strongest competition. Keep improving and creating more and more value for others.

11. How can I balance work and life as a solopreneur or business owner? Build a profitable business and create independence from it while allowing it to continue growing.

12. How can I scale or grow my business? Create massive value for your clients and remove yourself from the centre of operations.

13. How can I manage stress and overcome challenges?

Work on your inner self through personal development.

14. What's the best way to network and build professional relationships? Start conversations with people everywhere you go, online and offline, whatever the context. Be you, be authentic and don't sell anything.

Join a group or community of people that are the complete opposite of you.

15. How do I exit or sell my business? Someone will ask to buy it once you are successful enough.

Ask your accountant for the details.

Wishing you the absolute very best,


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