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Solo Startup

From zero to paying clients in 90 days for completely new or stuttering solopreneurs.


  • 90-day program

  • From idea to sale

  • 6 x private sessions

  • 3 solo sessions

  • Material & resources

  • 100% online

  • 100% confidential


Who is this for?

You may have some ideas but are afraid to get started. You may have already started but are struggling to make sales.

It may all feel too hard and overwhelming. The Solo Startup program is definitely for you if you would like to:

  • Clarify your business ideas and vision

  • Find the confidence to start

  • Create and grow a sustainable lifestlye business on your terms

  • Learn and apply the methodology that I used to create my own autonomous, profitable businesses

  • Design a business you love

  • Learn how to scale your lifestyle business effortlessly (without marketing and ads)

  • Have paying clients that consistently reenrol

How does it work?

The work we do together is based on the 4P methodology developed over 15 years as an entrepreneur and educator.

This framework, allows us to build your business step by step, in a simple and effortless way with guided support.

The 4Ps


Self assessments and strengths analysis

Orientation and reflection

Resources and material


Values - Vision - Mission - Purpose

Goals & Milestones

Sharing your purpose; Manifesto


Attracting the right customers

Creating a team of champions



Build your money-making-machine

Simple systems

Service exchange for payment


Expand your mission

Strategic partnerships

Opportunity creation

The details:

  • Before enrolling, schedule a call to make sure we're a great fit. 

  • Live sessions are every 2 weeks and last 120 mins. (This can be personalised).

  • Solo sessions are scheduled moments for you to complete your work autonomously.

  • Support and communication is provided between sessions.

  • Material and resources will be provided digitally

  • You can expect me to give you 100% and I ask the same in return.

  • I have a no refund policy. This helps ensure you are 100% commited to our success.

  • Your investment is €1490.

Kerry. D - UK

"As soon as my session began with Stefano I knew I was in the presence of a deeply authentic human being; a true people person.."
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