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The Successful

Your journey to autonomy, impact and lifestyle starts here.

Results we create over 5 months together:

  • Foundations of business freedom

  • Competency in 3 core solopreneur skills

  • Impact in your industry

  • A lifestyle you love, on your terms

  • Intellectual property to add value to your service and brand

Journey Overview

  • Begins with focus on you and your business, establishing your vision and assets.

  • Learn and apply the 4 pillars of solopreneurship (as published in the book).

  • Master the essential core skills 'solos' require to create a business that grows on referrals, not marketing.

  • Build a model to create autonomy and allow your business to grow.

  • We create your lifestyle and build your work around it, not vice-versa.

  • 5 months of weekly live expert training and support

  • Combination of personalised coaching, training & mentoring

  • Private group and peer support

Why this journey?

If you're a solo/entrepreneur or considering starting a venture with a desire for income, impact and freedom to enjoy your life, this is certainly for you.


  • We measure your progress with tangible metrics and milestones to ensure you exceed expectations.

  • Create a new realm of influence over your results.

  • Learn not only from the expert but your peers while forging powerful new connections.

  • ​By the end of the program, you'll be confident in your ability to create and expand your version of success.

  • 'Solos' often create success before the program even finishes.​

The Successful Soloprenur Book
“You are authentic, you care and
you are sophisticated."

Lindsey C.

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