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Business Freedom

The ultimate redesign for more money,

more time and energy, in just 6-12 months.

Smiling Young Woman

"It's tough to differentiate myself from the market..."

"I'm done with working long hours and weekends. I want control..."

"The business is making good money but it's taking over my life..."

"I am so frustrated with my career. I want to make an impact..."

"I want to love my work, have time to travel and enjoy my family..."

Any of these sound or feel familiar?

These are a few replies I receive from entrepreneurs and business owners.

These are the reasons they enrol in Business Freedom and radically transform their work and life in 6 to 12 months.

If you desire:

  • a business that consistently and autonomously grows...

  • flexibility to work wherever in the world, whenever it suits you...

  • to create and live your ultimate lifestyle on your terms....

.....Business Freedom is absolutely ideal for you.

The Business Freedom Formula



Work ON not IN the business


Systems, Processes & Tools




Intellectual Property

Personal Branding


(Personal Development)

Work-life balance

Pesonal Performance


Mount Fuji in the Background
“ are a brilliant mind and anything that you do is very precious...”

Sara P. - Reflexologist

Journey Overview. Tailored to your ambition.

01. Pre-




2-day in-person*

02. Prep

Defining your Vision

Evolve your Mission


Personal Development

03. Action

Business Analyses

Personal Analyses



04. Grow

Business Focus

Personal Focus


Impact Creation

05. Dev.

Quantum Growth

Intellectual Property


Efficiency & Power

What I require
of you...

Financial investment

100% Commitment.

To create the massive results you seek, you must make this mission your absolute, entire priority.

Commit and give it your all, and then some.

Open to change

To create greater results, we must change what you are currently doing and being.

Being open to change, new possibilities and perspectives is a must.

Bring your A-game

Not only do I expect you to challenge yourself, but also me.

Ask every question, challenge every doubt and push my own professional skills to make us both play at our highest possible level.


6 months €7.500

12 months €15.000

Curious how we can massively
transform your business and personal life?

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