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One Thought Away with Michael Neill

Updated: 2 days ago

Spending an afternoon with this man is an enlightening experience. Worries, anxiety, pressure, all seem to evaporate in his presence, replaced by an easy, lightness, and a room full of smiles.

Why? How?

Michael walks his talk. His teachings around the “3 Principles” which he shared and explored with colleague and friend Dicken Bettinger, weren’t just talked about with the audience, we actually practised it, right at the beginning and end of the day.

For those unfamiliar with the 3 Ps, learn more here.

The title of the talk was “One Thought Away” and promised to cover:

  • How simple change can be (and why it often seems so hard)

  • Going from theory to practice to embodied understanding

  • The “right use” of the mind

  • How to solve, resolve, or dissolve any problem

  • What love’s got to do with it

“I wonder what else is possible?”
- Michael Neill

While a range of topics were explored and discussed with a refreshing blend of wisdom, storytelling and humour, the speakers shared how our thoughts are responsible for our emotions (not vice-versa contrary to popular belief), which then influences our behaviour.

Both Michael and Dicken made many references to the works and findings of Syd Banks, their mentor, teacher and founder of the three principles.

Building on the 3 Ps concept, the realisation that we are always only one thought away from everything we need was evaluated.

Stressed? We are only one (positive) thought away from being relaxed.

Anxious? We are only one (positive) thought away from peace.

Our thoughts are so powerful that they impact our state of being and physiology, for better and for worse.

What’s important to realise is that we can learn to harness our thoughts. Empower those that serve us and allow those that don’t to pass, “ the rain clouds overhead”, as Michael put.

The answers to our questions are not outside, some place or with someone. They are inside, deep within, laying in the quiet.

“It’s a huge relief not having to know anything…”
- Dicken Bettinger

We sat, eyes closed, body relaxed. Thoughts came with many wanting to stay. Dicken softly guided the room to allow them to gently float away.

After several minutes of deep relaxation, we paid more attention to the feeling and sensation created within each of us. It’s this very feeling, state and being, where the answers lie. It’s from this place, our mind can find the answers, create the solutions and space for wisdom to come forth.

How does this benefit you?

So when you’re racking your brain on your latest problem, challenge or solution, remember Michael’s words, “What we are trying to figure out is a feeling. That’s why you can’t figure it out. Just be in that feeling…” and allow the rest to come, without forcing anything.

Pressuring yourself and your mind to find a solution versus trusting your innate intelligence to provide the answers as and when needed, is the game being played. Do you trust your self will find the right answers for you?

Which side are you on?

Wishing you the absolute very best,



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