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Why I Do What I Do, How I Do It And How I Share It

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

If you managed to get your head around the title and dive into this article, congratulations because my intention is to demonstrate a powerful tool I use with partners when they are starting a new business or redesigning an existing one.

My Powerful Project - Manifesto

To create a successful business, lifestyle and self, anywhere in the world, ambitious solopreneurs need 4 things; connections and community, resources, skills and knowledge.

Instead of spending time, energy and money to find them all, wherever they may be, wherever the solopreneur may be, I bring them all together, in one place.

Whether through written content, books, community and one to one programs, my work serves and co-creates with entrepreneurs authentically and completely, and always in their best interest.

This is a shortened version of my business manifesto whose intention is to capture the essence of my vision, mission and values, in one concise and intelligble paragraph.

I am a champion solopreneur and a champion for solopreneurs.

- Stefano Palumbo

Why write a manifesto, aren't Vision and Mission statements enough?

A vision statement shares what you foresee the project becoming and the impact it will make.

The mission statement clearly outlines what the business needs to achieve in order to fulfil the vision.

The manifesto combines the previous two and adds a vital ingredient; the founder's values.

So what are the benefits?

1. Aligning the project with the founder's values creates a much bigger possibility to succeed. It connects that person deeper with the work and when it's more meaningful, one is more intrinsically motivated and emotionally attached to the impact.

2. Being aligned with one's values helps a leader weather the stormy periods and rough seas that lie ahead. When things get hard and the light is hard to see, reconnecting with why this is important and beneficial in the world will get one's mind right and refocused.

3. Demonstrating the business' values also serves customers and stakeholders. The authenticity transpires and reaches people who are then far more likely to pay attention or support the cause.

4. Values act as a filter for your ideal clients. People who don't see what the founder sees or share an understanding of the importance of this work will ignore or be completely blind to the message. This is fantastic news as it means the business is able to speak directly to who it needs to engage.

5. Specific values backed by a clear vision and powerful mission will naturally attract influential people to the business, either as clients, stakeholders, fans or partners, or all of these! It leads to the second "P" of The Successful Solopreneur "4Ps" pillars of business freedom.

Creation journal with my business manifesto
I have a hand written copy of my manifesto as well as digital versions

How do you write your own Manifesto?

As you've already read, the manifesto is a combination of three elements; vision, mission and values.

I'll assume you have the first two already so we'll focus on eliciting our values.

How to discover your values?

Create some time and space to get still and quiet and reflect. Ask yourself the following questions:

What was important to me as a child?

How did I spend the majority of my time?

What did people used to say about me?

What am I known for today?

What I spend the majority of my time doing? What do I wish I was doing more of?

Who or what creates fear or sadness in me?

What are my biggest successes?

What are my greatest regrets and what did I learn from them?

What am I aspiring to be or create in the future?

What happens when I achieve this? What happens if I don't and how will I feel?

Another way is to use assessment tools like Gallup, Enneagram or KOLBE or work with a powerful coach over a few sessions who will draw out your strengths, values and story with you.

Eliciting your true values takes time, even with an assessment. You'll need to sit with the results and allow them to be reinforced and justified to yourself over a period of time. Don't rush, even though you're impatient.....

Once you have your top five, write them down alongside the business purpose and see how they are connected, or not (sometimes a paradox can be the very purpose of the business).

Begin to integrate your values with the business purpose and objectives logically. In my case for example, helping solopreneurs create independence from their business integrates perfectly with my value of freedom, as does my need for connection and community, solopreneurs need support and connections to create new opportunnities.

You may need to do some tweaking and refining over time but you will get there as long as you're being honest with yourself. There are no shortcuts and your customers will remind you of that when you're getting the 'wrong' people sign up....

Let me know how you get on writing your manifesto.


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